Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary Products

Veterinary products are important tools in the prevention and control of animal diseases. The definition of veterinary products may vary from one country to another; for WOAH purposes, they include vaccines, veterinary medicines, such as antimicrobial agents, and diagnostic kits. To ensure effective and sustainable animal disease control while minimising risks to humans and animals, governments are expected to provide appropriate regulations on the authorisation, manufacturing, distribution and use of veterinary products through their veterinary legislation. .

Morcal Plus


   It is a high-quality calcium supplement for cattle,
packed with the goodness of ,multivitamins and minerals

   It prevents calcium deficiency in cattle

   It improves the quality of eggs of birds in poultry farms.

    Helpful in the growth of birds.

    Boost milk production in cows, buffalo and goats.

Pack : 10 x 4 Bolus

Morvital Vet


   Growth Disturbances.

   Weaknesses of newborn animals

    Neonatal Anemia

   Sight Disturbance


   Intestinal Troubles.

   Beneficial for blood circulation & blood pressure.

Pack: 500ml, 1 Litre

Liv Vet


   It enhances the overall digestion of animals.

    It helps animals in gestation.

   It heals the shortcomings of the urinary system.

   Beneficial for animals during gestation.

    Increases appetite.

   Helpful in preventing hair fall in animals.

   Guard the liver and maintain liver health.

Pack : 100ml

Morenix Forte


    Boost milk production in cows, buffalo and goats.

   It is a high-quality calcium supplement for cattle
packed with the goodness of multivitamins and minerals.

   It prevents calcium deficiency in cattle.

Pack: 1KG

Ruchi More


    Appetizer for animals and birds.

   Enhances the digestive system of animals.

   It supports the supplementation of vitamins and minerals in animals.

   Helpful in the regulation of bowel syndromes.

Pack: 10 x 4 Blisters